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An Hour begins shooting in Horsham

Shooting began with  the Vox Pop interviews in Horsham.  Weather held up, and the response from people was great..

Dark Cosmos Creative join An Hour

Dark Cosmos creative, have offered to help and advise. Their expertise in sfx  is a fantastic addition to the team as they are undoubtedly one of the leaders  in their field.  The talent there has worked on projects such as  the new film SAS red notice, A Christmas Carol, Made in Italy and many more. Members of the team have also worked on, Thor the dark world, various Harry Potter films, Angels and demons, The Hunger Games, iron man, minority report.  I could go on, and i cannot thank  Jeremy Hardin enough for his support.

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Tv interview

July 14th 2021.

Interviewed about the film for local TV.  went very well and Lisa from Silvertip Films made me feel at ease.  I definitely prefer being behind the camera rather than in front.

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