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Meet The Team

Heaven Sent

Welcome to Heaven sent.

You are on your first step, to a new future, a future where we can bring back anyone who has ever lived and passed back to life for one Hour.

Who would you bring back?   A loved one, someone interesting from history?

How about Elvis to sing at your party, or a chat with Winston Churchill.

It's only limited by your imagination.

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Derek and Beryl Digworthy_edited.jpg

Derek and Beryl Digworthy  UK

We cant say how much joy it brought us to have our Great grandfather Arthur back for An hour.  Learnt so much about our family.  Heaven Sent were so empathetic to our needs, we couldn't recommend highly enough.

Jonathan Hope.jpg

Peter Lightwater     UK

Being a musician, I had to bring my Guitar hero back, Jimi Hendrix.  I can't tell you how amazing it was to sit and jam with him for an hour.  Thank you Heaven Sent.

Lucien 3.jpg

Dr Paul Deacon

CEO and founder of Timeline Industries.  Developer of the Returner System.  Philanthropist and Lead on the Heaven Sent Project. 

Suzanne new.jpg

Dr Christine Remi

 Nobel prize winner and world leading Psychologist, expert in techniques related to bereavement and family.

becky waine 2_edited.jpg

Dr Claire Taylor

Renowned Children's Psychologist and has worked alongside Dr Remi on many of her projects.  Author of " Children's minds a Theoretical system of study"

Helen White_edited.jpg

Dr Lucy Haydn

Senior Cognitive therapist with De La Coire Laboratories.  Joined Heaven sent and heads up the Adult returners section.

Meet the Team


Brett and Josie Anderson   USA

Heaven Sent enabled us to bring back Brett's Brother Sgt Vince Anderson , he was killed in the Middle East, but we were able to let him meet his nephew and niece he had never seen.  Incredible and moving.

Brett and Josie Anderson_edited.jpg
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